Benefits of Dance

Dancing isn’t just about the steps and music; it’s a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation.

Dancing enhances your life in so many ways. Please click on any of the dance benefits listed below to learn more:


HealthDancing strengthens your cardiovascular system and improves weight control and overall fitness through calorie burn off. The constant movement and muscle extension during dance sessions creates a gentle stretching and toning. Even otherwise athletic students find their lessons can be a workout!

A number of recent medical studies have focused on the benefits of ballroom and Latin dancing. In addition to the many mental and physical benefits highlighted, several studies have concluded that social dancing can even delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, sometimes by up to 75%.

Here’s what our students have to say:


I lost over 60 lbs. by eating sensibly and taking up ballroom dancing. It’s a fun way to exercise, more so than lifting weights or using aerobic machines. Seeing my body and my dancing improve is the best motivation I could want to avoid grabbing a bag of chips and slipping back into my old couch potato habits. Testimonial

Ed Soltis


Somehow without even trying I lost weight and toned all those places I could never seem to hit doing hour after boring hour on the treadmill, eliptical, etc. Hips, legs, belly, buns and arm wiggle all seem to melt away. Testimonial

Shawn Kehret


I have more energy since I started dancing! The pounds come off easier than with other forms of exercise because dancing tones my entire body at once, not just arms or legs. And it’s so fun I want to do it more than other kinds of workouts. Testimonial

Cindy Grant

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2. FUN:

Fun of Dancing
Although your commitment to learn to dance will demand concentration, dedication and time, you will be constantly surrounded by artistic, cheerful people who will make the time you spend at Fred Astaire Dance Studio a pleasurable and rewarding experience.


We really enjoy coming to your studio and working with all of your teachers! All of them offer something unique and it’s a joy learning from them! Your studio is such a warm & welcome place to be–we wish we could spend more time there! Testimonial

Craig, Jacki & Jason Hanson

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Friendship and Dancing

Beyond instruction, dance opens a wide spectrum of social settings in which friendships are forged.

Scheduled Fred Astaire Dance Studio group and practice lessons, local, regional and national competitions, trips and fun nights out on the town provide dancers with a full social calendar.


Spending time at the studio was a good way to make friends, relax and have fun every week! Testimonial

Shawn Kehret

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Creative Dance

Dance provides an emotional outlet in which a person can express his or her inner feelings through body movement.

The ability to dance is present in everyone, it only needs to be cultivated through sound instructional methods.

Then you’re on your own, expressing yourself with passion and flair!

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Dancers possess an aura of self-confidence and an ability to enjoy themselves more in public settings.

This often carries over into professional settings as well. Their entire mental outlook takes on a renewed sense of creativity, motivation and energy.


Both private and group lessons were a blast. The atmosphere was fun and uplifting. Every instructor had their own way of making each student feel good about themselves and all their efforts, no matter how clumsy or shy. Testimonial

Shawn Kehret

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Communication & Teamwork: In addition to increased personal confidence, learning to partner dance creates a new access to creativity, communication and collaboration.

It breaks down the barriers to trust and cohesion that interfere with productivity and effectiveness. Ask about our corporate team building programs.

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Joy of Dance

Fred Astaire Dance Studios invites you to share in the magic of social dance and rediscover the beauty and grace of this enchanting art form.

As you embark on your journey through our unique dance curriculum, personally developed by the Master of Dance himself, Mr. Fred Astaire, you will quickly come to realize the many mental, physical and social benefits that our dance world provides.

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