Instructors’ Biography

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Fred Astaire Studio Dance Instructor: Marcus Woods

Marcus Woods

Position: Dance Instructor

Place of Birth: Newport, Rhode Island

Favorite Food: Vegan cookies

Favorite Music: Whatever moves me

Favorite Dance: Waltz

Competition Style: American Smooth and Rhythm

What I Love most about teaching? Discovering new ways to teach someone to do something they didn’t know they could do. I enjoy enabling people to reach their potential and I like a challenge.

Who I admire the most and why? Anyone brave enough to try to learn something new. They don’t let the fear of being wrong prevent them from personal growth.

One thing most people do not know about me is … I used to have a collection of bouncing balls for no other reason than the fact that nobody else seemed to be collecting them.

Bio: Marcus is a professional dance instructor and competitor with the Denver North Fred Astaire Dance Studio. When asked what he loves most about teaching he responded, “It keeps my brain stimulated. I enjoy the challenge of not only learning something new and difficult, but also finding the best and easiest way to teach it to someone else.”

“I became interested in ballroom the same way that most people do; I saw everybody else doing it. From television shows like Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance to weddings, social dinners, and birthday parties, people everywhere were dancing. So I thought to myself why not get good at it? Besides that, it looked like fun.”

Marcus has been dancing with students and other FADS professionals in showcases, exhibitions, trophy balls, and competitions since he started with Fred Astaire in 2008. He currently teaches both adult and youth students.

To date, he has competed in the Cross Country Dance Championships and the Astaire World Championships. Marcus graduated from Boston College with a degree in Psychology and Communications, focusing on cognitive psychology and public relations. His other interests include chess, tennis, creative writing, drawing, and math.

“What I like most about ballroom dancing is that it incorporates many of the aspects in my other hobbies that I enjoy and bundles them into one neat little package. It demands foresight, logic, precision, athleticism, story-telling ability, imagination, and sometimes sheer computation and memory. There’s never a dull day. Dance is like a one-stop-shop for improving every aspect of your life!”