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Fred Astaire Studio Director - Owner: Mary Jo HansenFred Astaire Dance Studio Director: Kristina LambrechtFred Astaire Dance Studio Director: Courtney DuranFred Astaire Dance Instructor: Lyndsy Perkins Fred Astaire Dance Instructor: Garrett RodgersFred Astaire Dance Instructor: AJ Morris Fred Astaire Dance Instructor: Kaila De JaneFred Astaire Dance Instructor: Dustan HolkFred Astaire Studio Dance Instructor: Zach RobinsonFred Astaire Dance Studio Director: Heather KowalskiFred Astaire Dance Instructor: Amanda OvermyerFred Astaire Studio Dance Instructor: Lucio Escuadra

Fred Astaire Studio Owner: Mary Jo Hansen

Mary Jo Hansen

Position: Studio Director / Owner

Place of Birth: Fort Smith Arkansas

Favorite Food: I like all kinds of food except oysters but truthfully I love a big mac!

Favorite Music: Jazz

Favorite Dance: I like every dance but prefer the rhythm dances.

Competition Style: Rhythm and Smooth!!!

What I Love most about teaching? I loved being a teacher because of the joy that you see on someone’s face when they are feeling the accomplishments they have been working so hard on. I get that same warm and fuzzy feeling now when I see a teacher have that look of pride when they see that same look of joy on someone’s face. I definitely appreciate what they are feeling when they teach.

Who I admire the most and why? I admire my mother because of her dedication to helping animals. She is the director of the Sebastian County Humane Society and spends all of her time trying to educate people in caring for pets, providing better care and a nice stopping place until they can find their forever homes. She is the strongest person I know.

One thing most people do not know about me is … I can’t sing but everyone thinks I can because I do it all the time. They just think I am trying to be funny!

Bio: The Denver dance studio is owned by Mary Jo Hansen. She has been with Fred Astaire Dance Studios since 1991. Her family spent many evenings watching reruns of Fred Astaire. Having danced herself since she was 8, getting into the Fred Astaire Organization was a dream come true.

Mary Jo’s favorite thing about the dance business is people. She loves helping develop their talents no matter what level of dancer that they are. She says “seeing the excitement on their face, whether it’s because they just learned a box step or placed first in a National Competition is always a wonderful experience for a teacher to have. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.”

She has been recognized for her talent as an instructor many times. She has been one of the Top Female Instructors winning The Coveted Freddy Award all but 2 years of her career. She was the first and only female instructor to win Top Teacher Overall in a National Competition, beating all the male instructors, in the history of Fred Astaire Dance Studios.

Mary Jo was named the Top Female Competitive Instructor for 2003 with one of her students being named Top Male Competitor 2003 at The Astaire Awards Ball in Chicago. Her talents as Instructor speak for themselves.

She has received many awards for her schools achievement as well as the Freddy Award for Top Studio.

Mary Jo love being in the Fred Astaire Organization. Her goal is to provide an environment for students and staff where they can feel free to express themselves through the beauty of ballroom dance and to provide a dance studio that Fred Astaire himself would be proud of.

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